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This chair is awesome! Very easy to install. Bought for my husband and this chair can hold his weight. The metal base is really solid. The seats are well made and comfy, and the armrest is also adjustable. If you're looking for a quality big and tall chair, don't miss it!


Cromwell  K.

I got this chair. It happily hugs me like no man ever has. Super comfortable for gaming & simple to put together! Would definitely recommend.


Marcellus  L.

Love its style and 4D armrest. Supports my neck and back very well. Reasonable price for such a good quality gaming chair.


Campbell  P.

I've used and purchased many other models of gaming seats over the years, and I can confidently say that the DXRacer Master gaming chair is the best one I've ever sat in. The purchase will prove to be a wise one.


Giles  M.

You may easily swivel and move the chair around. It's beautiful, sturdy, and works for me.


Eden  B.

I longed for a comfortable spot where I could study and enjoy video games. I'm satisfied with Master gaming chair.


Nicholas  N.

After much consideration, I chose to purchase this chair, and it proved to be well worth the investment.


Verne  S.

I wanted a comfortable and supportive chair for working from home long ago. This was the perfect fit. Easy installation and it took around 30 to 60 minutes to put together. The adjustable headrest and lumbar support makes it easy to adjust to your liking. The tilt function is nice, too. Good purchase anyway.


Rachel  G.

I received the chair in black color and so far I like it. This chair comes with head pillow and integraded lumbar pillow as well. The head pillow is adjustable and removable and can be moved up and down and kept in place to wherever is more comfortable for you. The swiveling of the seat back is nice as it self adjusts to the fit of your back when you sit in it. Easy to assemble and no missing parts. Will be looking to possibly getting a second chair soon.


Frances  H.

I was back and forth between DXRacer and Secret Lab. I'm very big into matching and I wanted a pink chair. Unfortunately, Secret Lab only have a fabric option for pink and that is not something I wanted to risk staining. Secret lab was also $638 after taxes and shipping. DXRacer was $438 with the Valentine's sale. Lastly, after reviewing their warranty and confirming through a few reddit posts it seems DXRacer honors their warranty very well. Someone stated they had a 5 year old chair and their steel back broke and they honored it through their lifetime warranty and gave them a brand new chair. Shipping was fast and a signature is required. Now onto the actual chair Pros: Assembly was fast, quality is great. I didn't realize the cat itself was embroidered into the leather. I assumed it was just printed, but I was wrong. It also has this beautiful white stitching that makes a swirl like pattern that adds a nice touch. The headrest is attached to the actual chair itself - no ugly strap. The armrests move back and forth, side to side, and up and down. The actual base seems like it is steel and not plastic. The wheels glide very nicely. Minor cons: Once again, I'm big into aesthetics. I noticed on the website the zippers were covered in pink leather, but in person they are not so the white zippers are exposed. Not a big deal, but the photo should reflect reality. I wish the chair was a tad bit wider on all sides, but that is because I like to fold my legs onto the chair. And lastly, I wish the chair lowered a little more so my feet could touch the ground. I'm 5"2 and have my feet tippy toes on the ground.Overall, very happy with the chair. I really wanted to get a Secret Lab to prove to my boyfriend (who is loyal to DXRacer) they were better, but DXRacer checked all the boxes off at a lower price, better warranty, and great quality.


Susan  P.

It's made of high-quality leather, has a stylish design, and provides unparalleled comfort.


Matt  L.

Awesome gaming chair for our daughter's birthday! Our daughter has been wanting a gaming chair for a long time to play her games on the computer but I always thought she was too young and the chairs were too expensive until I found this chair. She loves it. It was easy to assemble. She says it really makes a difference to her back.


Weiler  L.

The chair is both supportive and comfortable.


Hunter  G.

Very comfortable and the mesh keeps you from sweating after sitting for long periods of time.


Bell  L.

This chair is amazing and installation is very simple. I plan to get a lot use out of this beauty. Thank you DXRacer.


Henrietta  H.

This is the best chair ever. So comfortable. Highly recommended.


Omar  E.

Amazing!! What an advanced gaming chair! The ultra-breathable, pliable new-tech mesh provides ultimate comfort.


Green  N.

Comfortable. Can't really say how it will hold up since I've only had it a week but it looks great!


Hodge  E.

Many people believe it brings good luck. I have been on this chair for about 8~9 hours a day for the past four days and I am experiencing no back pain which is unusual for me.


Dupont  D.

Great quality, Very adorable chair. Fast shipping. Downside If you're plus size ( Like Me ) please do know that the chair is a bit smaller than the normal size dxracer chairs ( means it obviously ment for women ). Luckily i do fit in the chair because of my height. Mainly bought this because my partner owns a dxracer chair and he has had it for 4+ years now and its just now starting to wear down.


Elisa  A.