The World's First Gaming Chair


Previous to this, DXRacer's predecessor was a corporation specializing in the design and manufacturing of racing seats. It collaborated with a number of the world's popular manufacturers of racing equipment to produce top-notch seats for safety, durability and comfort. DXRacer was one of the few manufacturers capable of building seats that exceeded FIA standards. Based on the accumulation of professional technology and the spirit of workmanship, DXRacer invested an enormous number of man-hours and resources. Following three years of research and development and tens of thousands of tests, the high-end racing chair was redesigned and transformed into the most comfortable ergonomic gaming chair.

In 2006, the world's first gaming chair ("Formula" series) was launched by DXRacer, ushering in a whole new era in the history of the gaming industry and creating a myth of gaming chairs.

Devoted To The Esports Industry



The Star Wars and WCG events in 2007 were extremely expensive sponsorships for DXRacer. Although DXRacer chairs made their debut first in the gaming arena, the cool appearance and incredibly comfortable seating experience caught everyone's attention.


DXRacer entered the U.S. market in 2013 and has its headquarters in Michigan, where the manufacturing industry is robust. Then DXRacer continued to sponsor gaming tournaments such as MLG, UMG, LPL, LCK, etc, and collaborated with top Esports organizations including Faze Clan, SKT T1, Samsung Galaxy, etc. As well as creating custom seats in collaboration with endemic brands such as Monster Energy, Facebook Gaming, Sony, Razer, and Twitch. It has also made its way to Hollywood and is now a regular part of major sports, movies, and TV series, attracting a large number of fans and audiences.

DXRacer has been known all over the world as "The King of Gaming Chairs". Growing numbers of gaming enthusiasts considered the DXRacer gaming chair as the "standard setup" for gaming. DXRacer has also established itself as an industry leader.

Two Decades Of Constant Striving For Perfection

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Based on the concept of ergonomics, DXRacer encourages healthy sitting posture. The PGKT series was designed by us, and we're constantly exploring how to diversify our products to meet the evolving needs of the market. DXRacer consistently updates, innovates, and never stops making progress.


In 2021, the first Air series gaming mesh chair was made, successfully applying mesh to gaming chairs and resolving the stuffy issue of leather chairs. The Master series, with its cutting-edge technology and modular design, has been honored with a number of prestigious international awards in multiple fields; At DXRacer, the Craft series allows you to design your own unique gaming chair to satisfy the need for customization.


From the original gaming chair (Formula series) to the present, DXRacer has spent over two decades researching and developing its gaming chairs. Each DXRacer gaming chair is a masterpiece, the culmination of all DXRacer people's constant striving for perfection.

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Light Up The Future

Today, DXRacer has 200 resellers, 1,000 products, millions of social media followers, and millions of users all across the world. We have sold more than 6 million of chairs in 56 countries, and our global sales continue to break records.

DXRacer is grateful to every customer from all over the world. We believe that it is only the beginning and DXRacer will continue to create premium gaming furniture that expresses personality and improves the quality of life.